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Hi Yall! My name is Gabe Marshall and I’m originally from Jacksonville, Illinois. While currently living in Nashville, Tennessee I also spend a lot of time in Springfield, Illinois. Playing baseball at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and semi-pro in Northern Wisconsin was my 1st love before finding something I loved more – performing music. I grew up listening to the likes of Merle Haggard, George Strait, Keith Whitley, Waylon, Willie, Garth, Kenny, and more. I love a good story and structure in literature, music, movies, and poetry so I try to make sure that my songs have great stories and combine them with great melodies and lyrics. My sound is a mix of New Age Country with Old Country classic roots; fused with bits and pieces of different musical genres that I enjoy throwing into the mix.

I’ve performed at several places in Nashville including: Tootsies, Second Fiddle, Fiddle and Steel, Big Shots, Baileys, The Commodore, The 2011 Singer/Songwriters Festival, and am the 2012 Southern Starr contest winner. I also co-own Boys From Illinois Music Company. We write, produce, and pitch songs from our catalog to other artists. I believe in the Lord and that having a positive and sensible outlook is the best way for me to be. I hope you enjoy my music and keep up with my career.

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